Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Institutional Social Development Cell Initiatives – Food Distribution In Kottayam Medical College

On 22nd February 2022, as part of the extension activities and social responsibility objective of the Institutional Social Development Cell, food was distributed in Kottayam medical college for the patients and bystanders. Food was collected from the students of the School of Indian Legal thought and it was distributed in Kottayam medical college through volunteers of the Cell. The entire Department stood behind the initiative understanding the spirit. The initiative was a success, with strong support from teaching and non-teaching staff and students. It helped the students in understanding the value of services.

The good intentions of the initiative helped in curing the problems of many patients. Hospital is a place where nobody desires to go. Converting the same place into that of love is a divine process. Students got involved in the emotion and were driven well through it by the members of the Cell. The event was organized as a symbol of harmony and sticking together in harder times. We took away happy faces from there.