Thursday, November 30, 2023
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List of Ph.D. Awarded

Sl.No Year Scholar Title Guide Subject
1 2002 Elizabeth Varkey Legal protection for plant varieties and living entities in India – A study in the context of the TRIPS agreement Vikraman Nair, K Law
2 2004 Salini, S S Child marriage and law in India: A critical study Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law
3 2005 Gopakumar, K Centre-State financial relationship: The Constitutional precepts and practices – A study on the fiscal federalism under Indian Constitution with special reference to the State of Kerala Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law
4 2006 Saroja, A S Governmental control over banking management Vikraman Nair, K Law
5 2006 Dinkar, V R Interpreting scientific expert evidence – With special emphasis on the admissibility and probative value of DNA identification evidence George Joseph Law
6 2006 Jayakumari, P K Liability of the State in Torts: With special reference to human rights violations Vikraman Nair, K Law
7 2007 Sathyavathi Parol Principles of progressive taxation and salaried employees under Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 Parameswaran, K Law
8 2008 Bindu M Nambiar The phenomenon of recidivism – Its implications on the reformative theory of punishment in criminal jurisprudence Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law
9 2009 Lisa P Lukose Protection of traditional knowledge as intellectual property – With special reference to India George Joseph Law
10 2010 John, P C The investigative machinery in the accusatorial system- Problems and perspectives Soman, N S Law
11 2011 Anitha, L P Critical analysis on laws relating to insider trading George Joseph Law
12 2012 Jasmine Alex International focus on rights of children and the Indian context of human rights of children – Emphasis on the neglected and the disabled Vikraman Nair, K Law
13 2012 Gigi, P V Law and medical negligence Vikraman Nair, K Law
14 2012 Jayaram, E R Open source movement in biotechnology research – A contemporary study on research data protection and legal issues in intellectual property management Vikraman Nair, K Law
15 2012 Mercy Thekkekara, I Special leave appeal – Critical appraisal Parameswaran, K Law
16 2013 Rajeesh, A P Contempt of Court Pramodan, M C Law
17 2014 Kalam Pasha, B Decision making in criminal cases by trial courts – factors leading to prejudice: A functional study George Joseph Law
18 2014 Reghunathan, K R Land acquisition laws: Protection of individual and community interest: A doctrinal study Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law
19 2014 Ahamed Iqbal, V T Legal control over electronic media in India George Joseph Law
20 2015 Sudhakaran, K Role of dispute settlement body in relation to world trade in the WTO set-up Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law
21 2016 Jaisy, T A critique of family courts in Kerala George Joseph, M Law
22 2016 Thilakanandan, C Alternative Dispute Resolution- A study with special reference to Kerala Parameswaran, K Law
23 2016 Krishnakumar, G Environmental Justice and its administration in India Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law
24 2016 Deepti, U Rights of patients Sheeba Pillai Law
25 2017 Suhruth Kumar A Local self-government authorities a critique Parameswaran K Law
26 2017 Sherafudeen, K Minority right to establish and administer professional educational institutions- a juristic critique in the background of recent developments George Joseph Law
27 2017 Sunil Gladson, M Patent on life forms and its impact on human environment with particular reference to climate change Vikraman Nair, K Law
28 2018 Divya, D.V Tribal rights and development induced displacement: a critique of the indian legal system Jayadevan,V.R Law
29 2019 Sumayya, H Law and Justice in mass Communication media George Joseph Law
30 2021 Aneesha, P R Paradigm Shift from Responsibility to Accountability: India Needs More Commensurable Corporate Obligations for Respecting and Protecting Human Rights Sheeba Pillai Law
31 2023 Nikilesh N Criminal jurisdictional issues in different maritime zones Jasmine Alex Law
32 2023 Simi John The right to privacy in the digital age: a study with special reference to mass surveillance and e-governance in India Jayadevan, V.R Law